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Hidden in the Hills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains you can find Exotic and Endangered Animals.

Home to the Barbary Lion; Leo, and Ceasar & Crystal the white tigers.  Sierra Nevada Zoological Park has a vast variety of animals; lions, tigers, and baboons, oh my!

We are on a very important mission here at Sierra Nevada Zoological Park, to provide a forever home to exotic animal species that have been displaced. While providing care to the beloved animals that have been placed with us, we also strive to bring top-quality educational and enriching experiences to all our visitors.

Our mission requires continual support from our community, especially in the winter months when we have fewer visitors.

After 30 years of operation, we are facing continual costly upgrades and maintenance, that will require a great deal of work and your help!

We feed out roughly 160 pounds of meat to our carnivores daily, and about the same in fresh produce every day. This does not include the hay and feed for the petting zoo animals. Specialized supplements for the big cats and primates also add up every month.  

It is a big job that we love to do, but we cannot do it alone. Every contribution counts! 
Can you help us reach our goals?

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Barbary Lion
Ring Tailed Lemur